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Happy madness day!

2015-09-23 10:37:20 by Censetor

Happy Madness Day everyone!

I bring nothing this year but I congratulate everyone that did an animation this year.

New Song!!!

2015-08-15 10:28:45 by Censetor


Sorry for the long absence.

Hope you enjoy the new song!!!


Just got a new Phone.

2014-10-07 12:13:48 by Censetor

I bought Iphone 6 yesterday.Definitely worth all the money.


Something New...

2014-09-29 13:00:10 by Censetor

So,I haven't posted anything on Newgrounds since 1 month or more because I was working on a new song,for Madness Day But I realised I came up with something many days later.I did not animate anything special in Flash because I worked more on the Song than the Animation.So this means I will make something for MD15 Maybe.Here's the song I made with my friend.I hope you enjoy: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/588801

Anyone can use the song on his own animation(Specially Madness),crediting my NG Account page.Anyways if anyone has good drawing skills please contact me by sending me a P.M About creating a Madness Character.Thanks and a Late Happy Madness Day.

4156135_141200998672_images.jpg(The Kickstarter was also a Succes).

4156135_140880019172_descrcare.jpg<----------Did you?                                       (Five nights at Freddy's...)

Project Nexus 2

2013-09-29 09:10:25 by Censetor

Madness Project Nexus 2 should look like this right?

Project Nexus 2

Second Project...

2013-07-15 07:10:17 by Censetor

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/censetor/jebu s-in-action

Oh Well...

2013-07-10 06:51:39 by Censetor

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/censetor/obsv -agent

Time To Wake Up

2013-05-31 09:46:33 by Censetor

I wasn't on Newgrounds so often but now it's time to wake up and come to reality
Including animations...Art...And more

Time To Wake Up


2013-03-10 14:08:30 by Censetor

You want a fan?
Fan me and i'l fan you back
Working at some madness animation